We test 12v coolers for this summer’s drive

Kylbox 12v 20 liters Asaklitt (Clas Ohlson)

This is a standard cooler box from Clas Ohlson’s own brand Asaklitt.

The cooler bag holds 20 liters and can both heat and cool the contents.

When we test the box it is 25 degrees hot in the car, and according to Clas Ohlson, the box should cool 15-18 degrees compared to the outside temperature.

It almost succeeds. It gets to 11 degrees in the cooler – and it goes fast.

It takes between 5-10 minutes for the box to settle to its lowest temperature.

Cooling box Asaklitt 20 liters

If you have sensitive food items with you, it is a good tip to add a couple of cooling lamps – then it gets really cold in the box, we note four degrees.

The box can also be set to the heating temperature – 65 degrees.


Digital display showing the temperature. Sober design with quality feeling. Cools 14 degrees below ambient temperature quickly.


The cord becomes too short in large cars if you want the box at the back of the luggage, this applies to cars with 12v sockets only there.

There is no cord for 220v socket.
A 12v cooler in the car is the smartest way to bring food and drink on the road trip this summer. We have tested six different coolers in different sizes and price ranges.

Not all boxes can be refrigerated in the car – most boxes promise a cooling capacity of about 15 degrees below ambient temperature, and then it must be cool in the compartment if the boxes should come down to eight degrees.

If you have sensitive foods with you, it can be a good idea to supplement with a couple of cooling lamps, it makes a big difference.